Koth Gallery 2019

Before the reception at the Koth Gallery, Ocotber 2019.

"Natural Disasters", silk fusion.

My Studio

Silk Fusion

Material I work with

  I use silk roving and acrylic medium as my materials. I occasionally add paint or gold leaf for accents.  On the table is the silk roving I use.

Nuno felting

Materials I use for nuno felting

I use merino wool roving, 3-5 momme silk, and I make my own patterns out of thin foam or plastic. I may add yarns, silk roving or other decorative materials. Sometimes, especially with shawls and scarves, I hand paint the felting during the process with acid dyes. 

Hand painted silk

Materials I use

I draw my design onto the silk with a 6B pencil. I use 8 momme silk and sometimes, depending on the garment up to a 16 momme silk. I stretch my silk onto my homemade frames before starting the painting process. When dry, the silk is rolled in paper and steamed for 3-4 hours, rinsed and ironed. Pictured is the steamer I use.