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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Nuno & Wet Felting

I use the same design concepts with my fashions as I do with my paintings. It’s all about composition: repetition of shapes, color themes, focal point and contrasts of various types. I use a very fine grade of merino wool. It’s a soft wool that can be used against the skin. I like the sparkle of adding beads and Angelina fiber. I also love the texture of the waste produces such as silk waste, silk rod carriers and the curls. I hand paint the rod carriers and many of the curly locks. I use both hand painted silk and printed silk. As a young woman, I hated to sew, but I find the creative process of felting is very different. I depended on patterns back then, but now the exciting part is cutting my own designs and pushing my mind into areas that are new. I also do brooches, 3D flowers and smaller items to compliment my garments.